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Mamas In Command | Michele Ryan, DBA x Dr Nikeya Young | VLS Podcast Ep 62

Having a career while raising kids can feel like a constant balancing act. In Episode 62 of the VLS Podcast, I had a great open conversation with Michele Ryan, DBA from Lewis University, about the joys and challenges of juggling family and professional ambitions!


The Pressures of Modern Motherhood

While the "have it all" messaging tells us we should effortlessly manage thriving careers, well-behaved children, spotless houses, and self-care routines, the reality is very different. Most days it takes everything we have just to keep our heads above water! Michele shared that working moms shouldn't feel guilty about taking time for themselves.


Fostering Open Communication

Both Michele and I emphasized the importance of open, age-appropriate conversations with kids about emotions. Unlike previous generations who were told "children should be seen and not heard," we want our kids to feel comfortable sharing their feelings. This communication and emotional intelligence level will help them navigate relationships more easily as adults.


The Future is Female

There's no doubt that the business world is becoming more inclusive and flexible. Michele predicts huge growth in the number of women executives, entrepreneurs, and CEOs over the next decade. We as mamas have so much strength and perseverance. Our kids are worth all the effort!

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