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Audience and Lecturer

Our Solutions

Keynote Speaking

Looking for an engaging, inspiring speaker to kick off your conference or event? Coach Nikeya is ready to provide your audience with Victorious Living Solutions!

My speaking topics are:

  • “Adversity FUELS Me: 5 Steps to Using Setbacks to Propel You Forward”

  • “Goodbye Imposter Syndrome!”

  • “Be a No Limit Soldier: Ditching Limiting Beliefs”

  • “Surviving a PWI (Predominantly White Institution)” *For students of color at colleges & universities who need encouragement adjusting to an environment where they are the minority.

  • “Say Something! - Unleashing the Power of Your Voice (Public Speaking)"

  • “Boundaries Are Your Friend” “Get Your Mind Right”! (Mental Health/Wellness)

  • Homeschooling *Nikeya is a former Public Schools educator and Homeschool mother of 3. She did a TEDx Talk entitled “Let’s Normalize Homeschooling.”

Guest / Subject Matter Expert

Nikeya has years of experience doing television, radio/podcast interviews, and segments. She is also an Entertainer & member of SAG-AFTRA, so she knows how to connect with an audience. You won’t regret booking her for your show!

"Nikeya Young was great to have as a panelist on our national news program, NewsNation Now. She was fun and extremely insightful. Looking forward to booking her again!"

-Justin Ochonicki, Emmy-Winning TV Producer


Media Outlets: Download Nikeya Young’s EPK Here

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Group Coaching

Get Yo Mind Right 

Grab a few of your trusted friends and/or family members and let Coach Nikeya help you to “Get Yo Mind Right”!  During your sessions, you will drastically improve your mindset (ditching limiting beliefs, negative self-talk, self-sabotage, and ANYTHING else that may have hindered you from reaching your goals in the past), and form new, winning habits that will propel you forward!

“Ready, Set...MANIFEST”!

This coaching program goes WAY beyond creating a simple vision board! Coach Nikeya works with participants to create a solid quarter-by- quarter plan for manifesting their goals for the year.

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