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Women in Command | Nikeya Young | VLS Podcast Ep 60

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we’re getting into the hot topic of Women in Command in Episode 60!  Here's what you can expect in this eye-opening episode: 

What it means for a woman to take command

We’ve got ALL kinds of ideas out there about how women take control of their lives and operate in positions of authority. we’ll tackle these ideas and look at what it REALLY means for women to take command!

What it looks like

We’ll explore how women can take command in different areas of life.  And… it’s probably not what you’d expect!  Listen for the details!

Biblical Examples of Women in Command

Spoiler alert… God is all about WOMEN being in places of authority!  There’s a right and wrong way to approach it - listen to the episode for biblical examples of both!

Don't miss this empowering episode of the Victorious Living Solutions Podcast. Tune in now and join the movement of Women in Command!


ALSO - don’t forget to tune in to WGN 9’s Daytime Chicago this Friday, March 8, 2024, at 10:00 am CST, where Nikeya will be featured for International Women’s Day!  Tune in at 

By the way, have you registered for the "Command Your 24" online course yet? Join our community of like-minded victors and gain the tools and motivation you need to achieve your goals at

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