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You’ve set your goals and you’re on your way.  And then, life happens:

We’ve got the solutions to set you on the path to living VICTORIOUSLY!

  • Your job is stressing you out!

  • Relationship drama strikes!

  • You’re beginning to doubt whether or not you have what it takes to accomplish this goal.

Get Clarity

What do you what? And WHY do you want it? We will guide you through the process of getting clear on your goals.

Increase Your Confidence

Why you?? Why NOT you is the question! We will work with you to shed limiting beliefs and develop the warrior mindset you’ll need to crush your goals!

Build Resilience

We will show you how to take every brick life throws at you and use it to build your victorious life! 

I get it!  I know what it’s like to dominate in the midst of adversity.

Poverty, the death of a parent, family drama, relocating, and the trauma of a bad breakup are just a few of the trials that I've overcome…and that was ALL before my 19th birthday! Since then, I've overcome SO much more: haters in basically every industry I've entered into, narcissistic family members, depression, and more have shown up to derail me, but nevertheless… I PERSISTED! And so can YOU!  Let us show you how!

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Workshop Facilitator

Dr. Nikeya has nearly 20 years of experience teaching, coaching, and speaking. Book her for your conference or event TODAY!

Group Coaching Session

Sometimes achieving goals is a lot easier when you have a few friends along for the ride! Grab your friends and book your Group Coaching session TODAY! 

Our Solutions

Keynote Speaker

Looking for an engaging, inspiring speaker to kick off your conference or event? Dr. Nikeya is ready to provide your audience with Victorious Living Solutions!

Nekia Nichelle

Many people were so inspired by her knowledge and wisdom. She provided a visual example to engage the audience that won the crowd over. I highly recommend Nikeya Young for your next project!

On-Air Lifestyle & Entertainment

Reporter / Expert

Paul Donahue

Poised. Polished & Professional.

Nikeya Young delivers her message with impact and engagement.  I enjoyed Ms. Young’s presentation at our recent service club meeting and would recommend considering her services to improve your abilities as a public speaker.

Vice President of Philanthropy 

Ingalls Development Foundation

Gina Sian

Her enthusiasm, energy, and positive outlook are inspiring. She is honest, approachable, and a wonderful testament to someone who is able to combine her personal interests and professional goals.

Former Program Director,
DePaul University


A Few of Our Clients...

We work with leading companies and nonprofits to empower teams and leaders to dominate in their spheres of influence. Our transformative coaching services include: dynamic keynote 

speeches, workshops, and group coaching sessions that are guaranteed to IGNITE your team!

We will empower you to overcome obstacles and glean valuable lessons from them to propel your forward into your destiny. You will gain the confidence you need to take that leap of faith! You will be equipped with powerful tools to form a vision for where you want to be, set clear goals, and then make them happen! Your Victorious Life awaits, so call us TODAY!

YOU can live victoriously!


Choose your Solution

Let's discuss your needs and the needs of your audience, and determine which of our solutions best suits your organization. 


Schedule a Call

Click here to set a date and time to have a 25-minute consultation call with us!

Our Process


Live Victoriously

Emerge from your experience with Victorious Living Solutions exuding confidence, feeling motivated, and crushing your goals!

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Crush your goals and live VICTORIOUSLY.

We empower high-potential leaders to forge ahead and accomplish their goals despite whatever challenges life throws at them!

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