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  • Virtue Chic: Classy Takes Center Stage (book)
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Virtue Chic: Classy Takes Center Stage (book)


Have you ever wished there was an instruction manual for being a "virtuous woman" in the 21st century? A book that dished out straight-no-chaser spiritual and practical advice on style, dating, pursuing your purpose, resisting the urge to compete with other women, and so much more? Well, Certified Holistic Life Coach and Author, Nikeya Young, has got you covered!


Let's face it, if you are a virtuous young woman living in today's society, you might as well be a unicorn! We live in a world where scantily clad Instagram models and ratchet reality show stars are IN...and good girls are often disregarded as "boring".


Virtue Chic: Classy Takes Center Stage shines the spotlight on fabulous divas such as yourself who are "Holy, but not homely"! It serves as a manual for helping you to be PROUD of choosing to live according to the Word of God and His divine plan for your life (and look good doing it)!


"As a young Christian Woman, this book was SO relatable! From singleness to modesty and to purity and so many other topics, Nikeya's advice and honesty really helped me to understand what it looks like to be Virtue Chic (and it's anything but boring!), even in today's culture. It was a fun read and had me wanting more, chapter after chapter. Nikeya brought RELEVANCE, RELATABILITY, and REALNESS. I would definitely recommend! This book is LIT Fam!!"

-Bianca Medina, age 20 En+Theos Graduate/Missions at Christian Life Center in Tinley Park, IL


"Virtue Chic is transparent, practical and loaded with solid biblical truth. Young women that desire to live moral lives in a culture that is hostile to that desire, will find this a valuable resource filled with wisdom and encouragement." -Debbie Adebayo, Founder of Singles Pleasing the Lord


"This book is awesome! It's a thoroughly enjoyable, easy and QUICK read, PACKED with useful information for ladies who want more! If you want to learn more about being a virtuous chick, already know how to be one and just want some encouragement and support, or perhaps you didn't get the lessons you needed from your parents or family growing up, Virtue Chic: Classy takes Center Stage is for you! Church girls, it's your time!" -Niki Winston, Speaker and Author of "How to Win Him and Keep Him Happy"

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