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How to Take Stock of and Avoid Toxic Relationships

Yesterday morning I had the honor of returning to WGN's Daytime Chicago to chat with hosts Amy Rutledge and Ji Suk Yi (she was filling in for Tonya Francisco, who is currently on vacation). This is a subject that is near and dear to my heart (which is why I devoted an ENTIRE podcast season to deep-diving into #SurvivingToxicRelationships)! After all, one of the things that can derail us in life faster than ANYTHING is a toxic relationship! Toxic relationships can steal your joy, peace, focus, confidence, and (depending on the length and severity of the toxic relationship) your LIFE!

There is SOOO much more that I could have said on this topic, but there just wasn't enough time! LOL! For one, with regards to the family issue that we discussed, it's important that you reframe your idea of who "family" is to you. Just because someone is related to you by blood or marriage, doesn't mean that they HAVE to remain a part of your life. Sometimes we can have friends who act more like family to us than our ACTUAL families. Give yourself the gift of being surrounded by safe people. Unsubscribe from the idea that someone HAS to be allowed into your life, even if they're toxic, simply because "that's family". NO ONE has the right to abuse you in ANY way. Don't ever let anyone get comfortable with disrespecting you...PERIOD!! Show them the door and pray for them as they exit. Whether or not they are able to return to your life is solely dependent upon THEIR behavior. Absolve yourself of the responsibility of fixing a relationship that you weren't responsible for breaking in the 1st place. Check out my segment here, and be sure to leave a comment & share!


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